O, Miami

O, Miami is a non-profit poetry organization that hosts an annual poetry festival. The mission of the festival is for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem during the month of April. The organization implements a variety of “guerrilla” marketing techniques to display poems all over the city of Miami. Since there is no commercial gain for the organization, each project lives somewhere between advertising and art.

Together, we put poems on gas pumps (200k views), on the checkout lanes in supermarkets (54k views), on dog waste bags (30k bags printed), on busses, and on a number of other materials. In addition, we designed and developed a website to host creative responses to the late Miami Poet, Donald Justice. Total local impressions for the project is estimated at 4.3 million views.

All of the following projects were designed by myself in collaboration with the team at the O, Miami.

Photos by Gesi Schilling and O, Miami